Managing Community Projects 
Managing Community Projects
Do you have a project or idea for your group/community but don't where to start? Or are you currently involved in a project, that's not going to plan? Avoid pitfalls through careful planning and preparing for risks.
This project management training program is designed with community projects in mind. Examples and case studies will be drawn from community scenarios, with community solutions in mind.

Webinar 1- Project management basics
In this module you will learn about terminology such as: project management, scope, projects, project lifecycles. What are the components of a project and what do they mean.
You’re going to understand and be able to use project management terminology

Webinar 2- Developing the plan and setting up the systems
Don’t start a project without a plan. Work out who, what, where, when and how at the start – and stick to it (as far as you can)
Project scope, GANTT, WBS, Sequencing, critical path, dissemination, communication, budget management
Integral to a good funding submission, this module goes into the project plan, working out timeframes, linking and sequencing project tasks and setting up record keeping systems to manage the project.

Webinar 3 – Working with partners
Roles and responsibilities, top-middle-bottom commitment, contracts/mou’s, setting jointly accepted objectives and vision
Keeping in touch – when to call meetings or will something else do?
How do partners fit in with project governance
Levels of collaboration – benefits of partnership projects v hidden pitfalls
If you’re working with partners, this module will help you understand how partnership projects are different, what to watch out for and why they are also useful

Webinar 4 - Stakeholders, contractors and staff
Getting the right staff, who’s managing them, conflicts, managing stakeholders

Here we will look at roles and responsibilities of the project team, resource planning and managing performance, as well as engaging stakeholders, getting their input and keeping them involved (very important in community settings)

Webinar 5- Quality and Risk
Importance of planning for risks, where risks lay, what happens when things go wrong – impacts on project, partners, community and the organization – how these can be avoided with careful planning
Building quality and continuous improvement into the project plan
We all strive for a good quality project which plans for and minimizes risk. In Module 5, we will examine quality and risk

Webinar 6- Evaluating the project
Why evaluation is important. For whom? Introduction to methods of evaluating community projects. Where evaluation can lead.
In Module 6 we will incorporate evaluation strategies into your project planning so that by the end of the project, you have collected valuable infomraiton that you can use for your next project
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